Masters In Advance Photography

The Masters In Advance Photography is for photographers who understand the basics of photography and want to pursue career as a commercial photographer.

This syllabus is designed to give emphasis on commercial and digital photography along with various lighting and advanced exposure techniques. It consists of many practical sessions on Lights & Lightings, Shooting in daylight, available light, studio light & mix light, Visualisation and Composition, Environmental Portraiture, Street, People , Photo Journalism, Food, Product, Jewellery, Table top, Industrial , Automobile, Beauty, Cover shot, Headshot, Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion, Glamour, Catalogue, Editorial, Advertising, Portrait, Wedding photography & Professional level Photo editing.

We conduct courses mainly for career oriented students in Photography. Our session make the students 100% confident in the subject & makes them ready to face any challenges professionally in photography industry. The courses contain theory & practical sessions to provide in depth knowledge of the subject.

This course helps students to get comprehensive knowledge to fulfil the needs in present Advertising & Photography industry.

Main Features:

  • All features of Advacnce Photography
  • Visualisation and composition
  • Learn light and quality of lighting in higher level.
  • A student can do a commercial level indoors/outdoors shoots.
  • Can shoot products, Table Tops for commercial advertising as per the industry requirements.

Detailed Syllabus:

Module 1

Light & Lighting -24 Session (1 month full time)

(Full day 8-sessions + 4 session assignment in Studio)
Understanding various sources of light & their quality in detail./ Creating different quality of lights with studio light, day light, modifier & various lighting accessories./ Types of lighting / Using Single Light, Multi lights & Mix lights.

Visualisation & Composition – 12 Sessions

(Full day 8-sessions + 4 session assignment in Studio)
Learning the art of visualization and create image./ Understanding color harmony. /highlight, midtone & shadows./ Rules of composition.

Module 2

Environmental Portraiture -12 Sessions (half month Full time)

(Full day 8-sessions + 4 session assignment in Studio)
Shooting action shots of People, Street, Photo Journalism & Corporate Photography in day light, studio light & mix light.

Module 3

Food & Product – 48 Sessions (2 months full time)

(Full day 32-sessions + 16 session assignment in Studio)(br> Food / Beverages / Product / Jewelry/ Tabletop/ Automobile / Architecture / Interior
Learning lighting techniques for Metal, glass, texture, product/ Shooting on Large frame, controlling perspective & the plane of focus.

Module 4

Beauty & Fashion – 60 Sessions ( 2 .1/2 months full time)

(Full day 40-sessions + 20 session assignment in Studio)(br> Cover page/ Head shot/ Hairstyle/ Makeup/ Fashion/ Glamour/ Catalogue/ Editorial/ Advertising/ Portrait. ( In highkey & lowkey)

Module 5

Wedding (1 week – 5 sessions full time)

Wedding portraits/ Candid/ Pre-wedding photography outdoor, indoor lightings & poses.

Module 6

Photo Editing & Light room – (4 months weekend )

Basic to professional level Image editing software’s. For professional display (portfolio/ exhibition) level.

Students will be learning to setup studio, using professional equipment’s like light meter, 18% grey card, color checker passport, handling professional lights & equipment’s.

Between the session students will learn digital part of photography, calibrating camera monitor & using professionally all digital settings supporting in enhancing image. HDR/ focus stacking/ advance flash setting Off flash/ HSS/ second curtain.

(attendance compulsory.)

Assignments has to be completed from time to time and approved.

Practical Session

100% practical sessions

Duration -

6 months (Monday to Saturday)