Basic Photography

We cover basic photographic techniques, and immediately apply them through practical exercises. We discuss the decisions one must make while shooting. At the end of this course, you’ll be controlling your camera, and the camera will no longer make the decisions for you. You can begin to create the images that you’ve been wanting.

This course builds basic foundation to select any branch of photography namely event, food, product, fashion, automobile, interior, architecture, wild life.

Main Features

  • Understanding and operating the function of each and every part of camera, its mode, settings menu and submenu.
  • Shooting indoor and outdoor in any light condition.
  • Understanding and operating the flash and its mode in details.
  • Knowing about all accessories and their uses.
  • Basic knowledge on photo editing software.
  • Career guidance
  • Paid Internship.

Detailed Syllabus:

Topics Covered

These are the various topics that will be covered as a part of the curriculum.

  1. Meaning of Photography
  2. History of Photography
  3. Understanding Camera and its parts, functions, menu, submenus & settings in details.
  4. Different types & format of Cameras.
  5. Types of Lenses, focal length,, focusing mode, bbf, IS/VR, block, zoom, slow, fast lenses & working & meaning of everything written on lenses in details.
  6. Sensor –CMOS, CCD, full, crop, APSC, its built & working.
  7. Calibrating camera.
  8. Meaning of Exposure
  9. Exposure- Compensation, Bracketing.
  10. Exposure Triangle- Aperture, Shutter, ISO. Their stop calculation formula & working.
  11. Shutter-its type, make, working & stop.
  12. IOS-Meaning, working, pros & cons.
  13. Depth of field
  14. Camera Mode- Auto, Manual, Program, AV, TV, C1, C2.
  15. Focusing-Auto, Manual, One Shot, AI-A, AI-Servo, Focus bracketing, Types of focusing points their working,
  16. Metering- Types of metering- Evaluative, Centre weighted, Partial, Spot. Light meter, 18% grey card, Bracketing, HDR.
  17. White Balance-light, colour temperature, kelvin, custom, shift, bracketing. Color checker passport.
  18. Dynamic range.
  19. Flash- Built in flash, Ex ternal Flash, Studio lights, Guide no., mode-ETTL, manual, multi. Slave, S1, S2, channel, group, HSS, second curtain, off flash, over powering sun.
  20. Lighting techniques, types of lighting, Quality of lights, inverse square law, modifiers.
  21. Use of filters like, uv, cpl, neutral density filter.
  22. Rule of Composition
  23. Photo Editing - tricks, panorama, 360 degree, simple editing tools.

Practical Session

Studio –

Exposure, Depth of field, Studio lighting, Portrait, product, bottle rim, refraction, second curtain, bokeh. Understanding studio, outdoor & mix lighting,

Outdoor -

Slow /fast shutter speed, panning, macro, depth of field, Panorama, using reflectors, long exposure.

Duration -

1 Month (Weekend Saturday & Sunday)