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Specialisation Courses in Navi Mumbai.

Specialisation Courses

Short term courses help the student to specialize in a single, creative field of photography they want to pursue their career.

  • Photo Editing, Lightroom, Camera Raw and Capture One
  • Product Photography
  • Food & Beverages
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Light & Lighting – Understanding various sources of light & their quality in detail. Creating different quality of lights with studio light, day light, modifier & various lighting accessories. Types of lighting, Using Single, Multi & Mix lights.
  • Visualisation & Composition – Learning the art of visualization and create image. Understanding color harmony, subject shape, highlight, midtone & shadows. Rules of composition.
    • Photo Editing
    • Product Photography
    • Food Photography
    • Fashion Photography
    Can shoot Products Table Tops, Food & Beverages, Fashion & photo editing for commercial advertising as per the industry requirements.

Module 1 – Photo Editing, Lightroom, Camera Raw and Capture One

Professional level Image editing using professional software’s like Photo shop, Light room, Capture One, Raw file & using latest plugins in industry. Editing, enhancing retouching product, food, fashion etc related commercial images for professional display (portfolio/ exhibition) level.

The course includes advance theoretical & practical sessions on image editing right from which software to be purchased & use the techniques for retouching the image to professional level in Product, Food, Interior, Fashion & Ecommerce industry

Module 2 – Product Photography

Learning Advance lighting techniques & shooting different shapes, Metal, Glass & Texture products, Jewellery, fabric , Ecommerce & creative shots with props using single, multiple lights, modifiers, mirror using various types of reflectors and cutters.

Module 3 – Food & Beverages

Advance lighting and shooting techniques for Food & Beverages. Styling and use of props and filler (glass, metal & texture) items and applying HDR. Choosing various background and playing with multiple lightings.

Module 4 – Beauty & Fashion

Advance lighting techniques from single to multiple using various modifiers and accessories to create various mood of light. Learning Human anatomy, visual mood, composition, poses, expressions, background creation, selection for hairstyle, makeup for Corporate, Catalogue, Head shot, Cover page, Portrait, Street, Editorial, Glamour, Fashion, Hi Fashion, & Advertising ( In highkey & lowkey).

Students will be learning to setup studio, using professional equipment’s. Approaching clients, preparing presentation & quotation as per client requirement.

Why choose Light Academy Of Photography?

  • Academy has senior qualified faculty, masters in various subject matter having national & international level exposure.
  • The courses contain theory & practical sessions to provide in depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Fully equipped commercial studio
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Ample parking place
  • Continued mentoring after you complete the course if you need help along the way

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